Thank You Family Patrons!

Thank you to all of our Family Patrons for your support of the CLC Booster Club and the CLC Community

Kara Plonczynski & Bryon Congine                                   Vivian Gura Family
The Heidt’s Family                                                                Charlie & MaryAnne Collins
Tim and Dawn Mahaffy                                                        Blake & Elizabeth Hobson
The Gross Family                                                                   Jason and Anna Hughes
The O’Donnell Family                                                           Tom & Mary Winslow
The Bonczyk Family                                                              The Agress Family
The Lozoya Family                                                                 The Kinahan Family
The Ray Family                                                                       Longfield Family
Ayares/Sorenson Family                                                      The Waters Family
The Family of Kayla Swiatek                                                Greg & Cyd Berna & Family
The Dombrowski Family                                                       Sfondouris/Barnett Family
Trowbridge Family                                                                 Norris Family
The Hollander Family                                                            Martin Family
The Mackowiak Fmaily                                                         The Noble Family
The Gawart Family                                                                 Levyne Family
Jim & Kari Cornelius                                                            The Stanczak Family
The Potas Family                                                                   The Tarlach Family
Gniady Family                                                                        The Tomasello Family
The Lentz Family                                                                   The Rosenberger Family
Amy & Greg Goze                                                                   The Hild Family
The Iden Family                                                                     The Gleason Family
The Braun Family                                                                  The Kallaus Family
The Tagliamonte Family                                                      The Bevill Family
The Updike Family                                                                Greve Family
John & Protima Richard                                                      Steve & Joan Olson
Owen and Betty Doak                                                           The Larsen Family
John & Carrie Murphy & Family                                        The Lawless Family
Passapera-Muehling Family                                                Haste Family
Elfström                                                                                   The Krutsch Family
The Ernd Family                                                                    Fitzgerald Family
Burns Family                                                                          The Batterham’s
Kipp and Jenny Hendricks                                                  The Michael Anderson Family
The Brian Anderson Family                                                The Cheesbro Family
The Grochowski Family                                                        Fuhler Family

The Jones Family

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