Thank You 2015-16 Family Patrons!

Thank you to all of our Family Patrons for your support of the CLC Booster Club
and the CLC Community

Jeff & Susie Fox & Family
The Noble Family
The Schuppert Family
Cruz Family
The Brucker Family
Tom, Janis, Ehren & Colin Braun
The Stephen Family
Fuhler Family
The Hagenow Family
Gross Family
The Walter Family
John & Jennifer Johnson
The Hild Family
The Moore Family
The O’Donnell Family
Tom & Mary Winslow
Fitzgerald Family
The Van Witzenburg Family
Zentner Family
Susie Wynne & Barth Family
Thomas & Karen Kopp Family
The Bonczyk Family
Tom & Laurel Kelecius
The Waters Family
The Waters Family
The Goze Family
The Agress Family
Kara Plonczynski and Bryon Congine
Updike Family
The Hollander Family
The Larsen Family
Urbanski Family
Sfondouris/Barnett Family
The Haslow Family
The Zukowski Family
The Welder Family
Rosenmayer Family
The Gawart Family
Korpalski Family
Steve Olson Family
Longfield Family
Pete and Connie Berg
The DellaMaria Family
The Tagliamonte Family
The Mlaka Family
Stephen, CarolAnne & Jonathan Steiner
Kristen Thompson Brown
The Burns Family
Haste Family
Keller Family
The Coduto Family

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