Nov 08

CLC Game Night Planning Meeting Nov 18

Hi Everyone,
The CLC Boosters biggest fundraiser of the year needs you! We are looking for volunteers with creative ideas to help on several of the CLC Game Night committees.
You are saying to yourself, “What is Game Night?” Besides being the high school’s most popular fundraiser, CLC’s Game Night is a night for adults to enjoy some laughs, conversation, and drinks with their friends and fellow CLC parents. Everyone has fun by answering trivia questions, winning fun raffle baskets and prizes, or bidding on silence auction items. So, invite your friends out – it’s truly a night to remember…. and all the proceeds benefit the students at CLC!!
Now that I have piqued your interest…how can YOU get involved in this great event? Below are some of the committees and areas where we need your help:
• Decorations Committee: Ideas on a new theme and people to set up & remove down the decorations are needed
• Raffle Basket Committee: Request and collect donations from community businesses to create raffle baskets or silent auction items
• Restaurant Gift Card Committee: Request and collect gift cards from area restaurants for raffles
• Bar Committee: Be in charge of purchasing and delivery of beverages to the event or help serve beverages during the event
• Marketing Committee :Promote CLC Game Night and help sell out the tables
Everyone’s skills are needed to pull off this big time event. Volunteers can work at home, in groups, or on the actual day of the event. It’s really fun to be part of Game Night Committee and a VERY easy way to meet and socialize with other CLC parents.
We are having our first CLC Game Night meeting this month.
Date: November 18
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: 441 Spruce Lane

Hope to see you at the meeting! (….or at Game Night with all your friends!)

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Sep 14

Thank You 2015-16 Family Patrons!

Thank you to all of our Family Patrons for your support of the CLC Booster Club
and the CLC Community

Jeff & Susie Fox & Family
The Noble Family
The Schuppert Family
Cruz Family
The Brucker Family
Tom, Janis, Ehren & Colin Braun
The Stephen Family
Fuhler Family
The Hagenow Family
Gross Family
The Walter Family
John & Jennifer Johnson
The Hild Family
The Moore Family
The O’Donnell Family
Tom & Mary Winslow
Fitzgerald Family
The Van Witzenburg Family
Zentner Family
Susie Wynne & Barth Family
Thomas & Karen Kopp Family
The Bonczyk Family
Tom & Laurel Kelecius
The Waters Family
The Waters Family
The Goze Family
The Agress Family
Kara Plonczynski and Bryon Congine
Updike Family
The Hollander Family
The Larsen Family
Urbanski Family
Sfondouris/Barnett Family
The Haslow Family
The Zukowski Family
The Welder Family
Rosenmayer Family
The Gawart Family
Korpalski Family
Steve Olson Family
Longfield Family
Pete and Connie Berg
The DellaMaria Family
The Tagliamonte Family
The Mlaka Family
Stephen, CarolAnne & Jonathan Steiner
Kristen Thompson Brown
The Burns Family
Haste Family
Keller Family
The Coduto Family

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Aug 03

Become a Family Patron Today and Support the CLC Boosters


Family Patron Form

Do you have Tiger Pride? Do you want to be a part of making CLC the best it can be? Anyone who has a student at CLC is a booster member, however for $20 you and your family can be CLC Booster Club Family Patrons.

As a CLC Booster Family Patron your family name will appear in all the following Booster Club publications:

CLC Booster Club Website
Fall Play Program
Madrigal Dinner Program
Spring Musical Program
Game Night Fundraiser

*Additional Fundraisers yet to be developed.

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Aug 03

New Booster Board for 2015-2016

Please Welcome the new Booster Board for 2015-2016

President:  Amy Goze

Secretary:  Adrienne Zepeda

Treasurer:  Linda Agress

Concessions:  Chris Rizzi

Spirit Wear:  Kim Rosenmayer

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Nov 04

Thank You Family Patrons!

Thank you to all of our Family Patrons for your support of the CLC Booster Club and the CLC Community

Kara Plonczynski & Bryon Congine                                   Vivian Gura Family
The Heidt’s Family                                                                Charlie & MaryAnne Collins
Tim and Dawn Mahaffy                                                        Blake & Elizabeth Hobson
The Gross Family                                                                   Jason and Anna Hughes
The O’Donnell Family                                                           Tom & Mary Winslow
The Bonczyk Family                                                              The Agress Family
The Lozoya Family                                                                 The Kinahan Family
The Ray Family                                                                       Longfield Family
Ayares/Sorenson Family                                                      The Waters Family
The Family of Kayla Swiatek                                                Greg & Cyd Berna & Family
The Dombrowski Family                                                       Sfondouris/Barnett Family
Trowbridge Family                                                                 Norris Family
The Hollander Family                                                            Martin Family
The Mackowiak Fmaily                                                         The Noble Family
The Gawart Family                                                                 Levyne Family
Jim & Kari Cornelius                                                            The Stanczak Family
The Potas Family                                                                   The Tarlach Family
Gniady Family                                                                        The Tomasello Family
The Lentz Family                                                                   The Rosenberger Family
Amy & Greg Goze                                                                   The Hild Family
The Iden Family                                                                     The Gleason Family
The Braun Family                                                                  The Kallaus Family
The Tagliamonte Family                                                      The Bevill Family
The Updike Family                                                                Greve Family
John & Protima Richard                                                      Steve & Joan Olson
Owen and Betty Doak                                                           The Larsen Family
John & Carrie Murphy & Family                                        The Lawless Family
Passapera-Muehling Family                                                Haste Family
Elfström                                                                                   The Krutsch Family
The Ernd Family                                                                    Fitzgerald Family
Burns Family                                                                          The Batterham’s
Kipp and Jenny Hendricks                                                  The Michael Anderson Family
The Brian Anderson Family                                                The Cheesbro Family
The Grochowski Family                                                        Fuhler Family

The Jones Family

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