The Crystal Lake Central Booster Club Partners with our Teams/Clubs/Activities to run our Concession Stands.  Selling Concessions is one of the largest Fundraisers we have during the year and it Takes A Village!

Groups who supply Parent Volunteers earn money directly back to their Team/Club/Activity as follows

  • 20% of Profit or a Min of $100 per event*

There are no special skills needed, Booster Board members are present for All outdoor events, and at the beginning and end of all indoor events to get things going and close things up!

Outdoor Football Games Require a Large number of volunteers in 3 shifts**

  1. First shift is set-up from 3:45 PM to 5:00 PM – Set up grills and outdoor tent, Pre-Wrap Buns for Grilled Items and various “start-up” needs
  2. 4:45 – 7:00 PM – 12 Volunteers needed
    1. 2 For 50/50 Ticket Sales
    2. 2 Grill
    3. 8 To work windows (sales, handle money), fill orders, restock as needed and make popcorn
  3. 6:45 – Close (aprox 9:30 PM)
    1. 2 Grill
    2. 2 50/50 sales
    3. 10-12 Windows, Order Fill, Restock and Clean Up

Indoor Events run most of the year and need only 3-4 Parents Max

  1. 2 To work the Window (Sales, handle money)/clean up
  2. 2 To serve food such as Pizza and Popcorn/clean up

If your Team/Club/Activity wants to earn funds for their use during the year, please work with your Coach/Activity Sponsor to pick dates that your parents can assist!  


It is a lot of fun and an easy way to make money!  We paid groups over 7K last year just for this! 


*events earning less than $100 in profit will not be paid the full $100.  In that circumstance, the entire Profit would be paid to the group working and the Boosters would not earn anything from it.

**Games with Heavy Attendance Need more volunteers, if your group chooses this event a Board Member will contact the Admin contact to discuss the number needed. This includes things like Homecoming, or Cross Town Games!


Please use this link to See Available Dates to sign up for Concession Shifts:

Available Concession Dates 2019/20