Thank you so much to all of these families that have supported the Crystal Lake Central Boosters! Watch for their stickers on cars around town. Would you like to become an official Tigers Family Patron? Head over to our signup page and show your Tiger Pride!

Jeff (‘88) and Kathy Sexton

Virgil Family

Gray Family

Haussmann Family

Kellerman Family

Bromley Family

Ernd Family
Hewett Family
Mike & Allison Mueller
Jim & Barb Roth
Schuman Family
Zukowski Family

Buckler Family
Power Family
Puma Family
Wallenfang Family

Aldridge Family
Heidi Alexander
Brandwein Family
Ellison Family
Graham Family
Gray Family
Grindstaff Family
Haste Family
Helm Family
Janis Family
Kaspari Family
Knope Family
Kevin & Tammy Kohls Family
Krahn Family
Levin Family
McClellan Family
The Millars
Moore Family
Murray Family
Oconer Family
Randy & Nicole Parkins
Schurter Family
Rich and Nikki Thompson
Weichman Family
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