State of the Boosters

Just a note of thanks to all our CLC Booster Club Board Members, Volunteers, Staff Liaisons, Coaches, Activity Coordinators and Students! With all the hard work, and participation, the Booster Club is Proud to have Given out over $51,000 through various programs this year!

We helped our Tigers help themselves with working the concession Stands and earning $7453. We paid the Cost of Discount Cards that helped to Raise aprox $10,000 directly to the groups and hosted our Annual Game Night Fundraiser, allowing groups and teams to directly profit to the tune of $8431.

Through the operations of Concessions, the sale of Spirit Wear, and the Booster Club General Fundraising efforts throughout the year, we also awarded $5000 in Scholarships and provided over $30,000 in directed allocations for Group, Team, and Administration purchases and programs. These allocations fund things like; Updating Facilities, Equipment for teams, Field Trips and College Visits, Set Materials for the Theater Department, Band Equipment, etc. We are proud to be able to assist in these things, and look forward to continuing to do so.

Coming Soon!

As you all head off for a well deserved summer break from the School Year, the Booster Club is already working to ensure a profitable start to the 2019/20 School year! Look for Details on Upcoming Volunteer opportunities and Sneak Peaks of Spirit Wear for purchase!

We hope you all enjoy the long days, spend time with loved ones, and seek out adventure! See you in the Fall!

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