Our concessions stands, both indoor and outdoor, are staffed by a group or team at the school that earns a percent of the proceeds from that game. Please locate the date that you team or group has committed to working and sign up there. If you have any questions, please contact Heidi Alexander, president@clcboosters.org.

Here are information sheets that will tell you more about the expectations for our volunteers.

Indoor Concessions Volunteer Info
Outdoor Concessions Volunteer Info

Signup links for upcoming games:

Volleyball9/6, 10/4IndoorFall Indoor Concessions – VOLLEYBALL CREW
Soccer / Softball9/9OutdoorFootball GOLD OUT NIGHT vs Cary Grove (Soccer and Softball CREW)
Band/Choir9/13, 9/15IndoorFall Indoor Concessions – BAND/CHOIR CREW
Choir9/23OutdoorConcessions – Football HOMECOMING vs Dundee Crown – CHOIR CREW
Boys Basketball9/27IndoorFall Indoor Concessions – BOYS BASKETBALL CREW
Football10/7OutdoorConcessions – Football PINK OUT NIGHT vs Burlington Central FOOTBALL CREW
Softball10/11, 10/20Indoor Fall Indoor Concessions – SOFTBALL CREW
Tennis10/14OutdoorConcessions – Football Senior Night vs McHenry TENNIS CREW
TBD10/15OutdoorConcessions – Band Showcase